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Palmer MacKie, MD, MS, FNG

Dr. Palmer MacKie’s largest clinical and educational focus for 12 years has been in chronic pain and recovery. He developed the Integrative Pain Program (IPP), a multi-disciplinary participation-based pain management venue. This includes a five-week Pain School, where patients are exposed to and practice such modalities as relaxation response, cognitive-behavioral therapy, plant-based food as medicine, graduated exercise, guided imagery, mindfulness and knowledge critical to making healthier choices. The objective is to integrate healthy practices that enable patients to reduce the impact pain has on their lives and to better achieve their goals. The IPP’s approach couples psychological and physical functional rehabilitation, and uses the patient’s strengths and self-identified life values and goals. The effort and energy are directed toward making progress and improving self-efficacy through achieving reasonable and life-enhancing goals.

Over the past 10 years, Dr. MacKie has applied significant personal and professional energy on pain management and pain education, and most recently, substance use disorders (addictions). His work at the city, state legislative and national level, lobbying to change pain assessment and treatment, has been critical as we face an opioid epidemic that is and has been destroying so many lives. Additional contributions to research include insight to assess impact of new opioid rules and guidelines within primary care. This service in creating protocols and guidelines, lecturing, advising legislatures, and drafting state statutes has been recognized with local, state and national awards​.